What is the best exercise for diabetics?

It’s not easy to live with the constraints of diabetes every day. Blood sugar levels to monitor, treatments, blood tests … Physical exercise helps to cope better with this situation, to maintain energy and morale. By regulating your blood sugar, it can even reduce the doses of medication needed.
Before you start …
Sports should be fun … so it is better to choose one that you like and that you can practice near you. Otherwise, you risk leaving it easily.
Setting goals – reasonable – and a start date helps motivate yourself.
A medical examination is advised, it allows to choose the most suitable sporting activity.

For type 2 diabetes

Exercising regularly decreases the risk of health accidents over the course of a person’s life. This is even more true in diabetics, because their blood vessels are more fragile.
Exercising improves insulin activity and decreases weight, which helps reduce vascular complications.
Among the recommended activities: walking, cycling, swimming.
But it is just as important to adopt new reflexes to move as much as possible during the day. On the bus or metro, get off one station before your arrival point.
At work, instead of waiting for the elevator, take the stairs for one or two floors.
In department stores, stop taking the escalators, take the stairs. There is much more space and always fewer people!
At the supermarket, do not try at all costs to park as close as possible to the entrance. There are many more free spaces at the edge of the parking lot, and you will walk a few more meters.
For short-distance walking that you already do every day, walk at a faster pace. Without even realizing it, you will exert yourself more.

For type 1 diabetes

The announcement of the disease in young people should not prevent them from continuing the sport. On the contrary. But the practice must be reported to the doctor.
The advantages of sport are numerous: the body responds better to the action of insulin, the hormone that regulates blood sugar levels by increasing its use by cells. Practicing a sport also requires the muscles, which are large consumers of glucose.
Working out brings physical benefits and helps relieve the stress that illness can cause. You just need to learn to manage your diabetes according to your activities, to reduce your insulin doses when the need arises, to have a snack in the middle or after your workout …


It is necessary to drink during the effort.
Check blood sugar more frequently to prevent hypoglycemia: insulin pens should be near you if the effort lasts a long time.
Always carry sugar with you in case of hypoglycemia.
Provide carbohydrate snacks in case of prolonged exercise: cereal bar, apple sauce, bread … Warn those around you of your diabetes and be supported.
Pay attention to your feet (choose flexible, good quality shoes).
Know the reactions of your body during physical exercise.

Recommended sports

Endurance sports are favored because they are good for the heart, the cardiovascular system, the breath, and they allow a better adaptation of insulin and diet.
Individual sports: jogging, walking, cycling, dancing, skating …
Team sports: football, basketball, racket sports …
Soft activities: gymnastics, archery, golf …

Sport to avoid

Any sport where you are likely to be alone, because someone must be nearby if you feel unwell: climbing, parachuting, surfing, diving, mountaineering, aviation …
Any violent sport: boxing, martial arts, rugby …
Any sport that can lead to weight gain: weight lifting, bodybuilding …

Watch out for the mountain

Above 1,500m, blood glucose meters are less accurate.
Above 2,500m, watch out for symptoms identical to those of hypoglycemia.
For a prolonged stay in altitude, a complete assessment of diabetes must be carried out.

Chromebooks vs. laptops: which one is right for you?

Chromebooks vs. laptops: which one is right for you?

Google’s Chromebooks certainly look like any other normal laptop. However, when it comes to Chromebooks and laptops, this resemblance is only superficial. So what type of shell computer is right for you? It turns out that there is a surprisingly long list of things to consider before making your purchase!

Google’s Chromebooks have been very successful in education, but in the consumer market it has been more difficult to properly position yourself in the laptop market. This brings us to the question of whether you should shell out money for a traditional laptop or on a (very different) Chromebook device.

I’ve divided the reasons why you might want a Chromebook into several general points. Which should clarify the overall idea of ​​Chromebooks, so you can decide if this fits your own approach to personal computing in the battle between Chromebooks and Windows notebooks for your wallet.

Chromebooks are cheap!

It is true; on average, Chromebooks will be priced considerably lower than laptops of the same size class. Although, under the hood, you will not find components that fully match the performance of even low-end laptops. It turns out that it’s not really a problem, since Chromebooks are a combination of a specialized lightweight operating system, Google data centers, and carefully evaluated and balanced hardware to host the two. The low price of Chromebooks has made them attractive. However, it is important to understand that you are not getting the full set of features that traditional Windows laptops offer.

Chromebooks run Chrome OS

The hardware inside a Chromebook is nothing special. You’ll find it in both laptops and regular tablets. The defining characteristic of a Chromebook is that it runs Chrome OS as its operating system. Based on the Linux kernel and derived from Chromium, it is a very light operating system.

Chrome OS is so stripped down, because its main task is to provide a base for the Chromebook to run the Chrome browser. Almost all of the software you use on a Chromebook is presented through the Chrome browser. In a sense, Chromebooks really only run this one app. At least that was the idea at the start.

Modern Chromebooks now also have Chrome apps that look like the traditional app model. For Chromebooks that use the same hardware architecture as Android devices, it’s now also possible to access apps from the Google Play Store. Just make sure you get a compatible Chromebook if that’s important to you.

Chromebooks need the Internet, but not as much as they used to

Google realized early on that its vision of a thin client laptop that absolutely needed an Internet connection was a little too far ahead of its time. Chrome OS has therefore constantly adapted to provide a more balanced approach to IT. Chrome apps, offline syncing from Google Drive, and many other little touches have made Chromebooks quite usable in the absence of the Internet. You can still do light work or watch a downloaded movie on an airplane. That being said, a Chromebook feels much more limited than a traditional laptop when the umbilical cord is cut.

Chromebook apps are quite limited

As you can imagine, you won’t find any great apps ported to Chrome OS. Which means you’re probably not going to be able to give up laptops. Not if your work is absolutely based on specific Windows, Linux or macOS applications. It’s better to think of Chromebooks offering certain classes of services. Such as word processing or web browsing. Rather than as a platform for heavy third-party applications.

Additionally, although Chrome apps are designed for the form factor of laptops, many Play Store apps are inconsistent or just difficult to use in a desktop environment. This makes sense, as they weren’t developed for Chromebooks in the first place, but it’s worth mentioning as a caveat.

The ideal Chromebook user

The perfect user of Chromebook is someone whose IT life already revolves around the ecosystem

Chromebooks vs. Laptops: Choosing the Best Chromebook

If you think a Chromebook will suit you better than a traditional laptop, you can head over to Kyle Bradshaw’s excellent overview of the best Chromebooks you can buy today. You can’t replace the functionality of a laptop with a Chromebook. However, there are many people who can certainly get a Chromebook to achieve the same goal that they currently use a laptop with. If you don’t need more than a Chromebook, these are the lightest, most affordable, and often the most enjoyable machines!

Don’t miss my review of the best chromebook for kids here.

Close-up of the motorhome bike carrier

Close-up of the motorhome bike carrier

motorhome bike carrier

The benefits of cycling are not lacking. For cycling enthusiasts, it is always a pleasure to discover new landscapes while having fun. Better still, this type of activity is a physical activity par excellence. Even more, a two-wheeler is a very environmentally friendly means of transport. It remains necessary to find an adequate means to transport it on vacation. This is the whole point of a motorhome bike carrier. More information on this device in the following article!

What about a motorhome bike carrier?

With all the accessories to take with you on vacation or on any trip, it’s a safe bet that there aren’t enough places for bikes. Especially since the latter very often require space.

On the other hand, nobody wants to convert their motorhome into a garage. Fortunately, with a motorhome bike carrier, this problem is solved. This is equipment made of metal, stainless steel or aluminum to transport bikes from one place to another. This equipment is able to accommodate up to four bikes.

The motorhome bike carriers are available in several models on the market. Generally speaking, they can be classified into two main groups. Firstly, the motorhome bike carrier on a hitch which is very ideal if the vehicle is fitted with a hitch ball. In this case, users can choose between the fixed version or the tilting version so that they can continue to have access to the safe.

Second, the motorhome bike carrier on the rear wall is the model that attaches to the rear axle of the car, that is, to the window. Bicycles will be secured with straps. It is also possible to use a conventional bicycle carrier on the tailgate for bicycle transport on the motorhome.

The accessories needed for the motorhome bike carrier

When it comes to transporting bikes on a motorhome, certain accessories are essential. At first, the motorhome bike carriers are likely to hide the vehicle’s traffic signs.

So you have to use other ones. In a second step, to guarantee the safety of two-wheelers, it is better to acquire additional fixing straps (for the wheels) and support arms (for the frames). In addition, in order to protect the bikes from the weather, users must buy a special cover that fully matches the size of the bike rack.

The instructions to follow with a motorhome bike carrier

Since the motorhome bike carrier adds extra load to the car, there are a few safety guidelines to keep in mind to ensure a quiet trip. Firstly concerning the installation of the system, it is recommended to read carefully the instructions provided by the manufacturer. The maximum weight indicated and the number of transportable bikes must be observed.

Before departure, you must ensure that the device is properly fixed in the rules of the art. In any case, regular checks are necessary along the way. This monitoring aims in particular to check the tension of the straps and also the good performance of the installation. Also, pay attention to any unusual noise and stop if necessary. Finally, the installation of an anti-theft cable is of the utmost importance.

Where to buy a motorhome bike rack?

Many shops are currently selling best hitch bike cracks of different models. However, to put the odds on its side, it is necessary to bet on the most recognized brands. In this specific case, investors can go directly to their online sales sites.

They have a wide range of options available to them to make the best decision based on their needs and budgets. By paying attention to comments from other users, the acquisition of a product that fully meets their expectations is guaranteed. But, it is also possible to make your purchase on other renowned online sales sites or also on specialized physical stores.

Family cycling

Family cycling – a solution for those who have no time to waste!

Tired of wasting time in traffic, many people trust their two-wheelers to get around. We meet more and more along the circuits of cyclists, but also of courageous parents who pedal in the presence of their young on the back seat.

Do not waste time

More and more parents are finding traveling on a cargo bike more beneficial than hanging out on public transport. The time saving is significant, since the road bike takes about 20 minutes for an average distance of 20 km. It’s slower than driving, but for lack of frequent traffic jams on the round trips that separate the foyer from the school or the workplace, they believe that the bicycle takes over on the coaches.

For those involved, it has become a way of life apart. That’s why they move with the pedal all year round in spring and winter. And the most astonishing is that this little world rediscovers the joy of living to ride like this.

Dealing with successive seasons and seasons requires good mental and material preparation. Moms have every interest in cheering up children in the event of dissatisfaction if they do not want the journey to turn into hell. The rest becomes more complicated during the cold seasons for these families.

In bad weather and with the arrival of snow, the journey becomes more complicated. Since the course slides and in order to overcome this obstacle, the studded tires will have to be reassembled. As for the lingering cold, the family opted for the penguin mode. That is to say, dress from head to toe in several layers of clothing until you look like penguins. Only stormy showers are an obstacle to family cycling. Pedaling is therefore impossible when the precipitation is at its peak.

Invest in a bike

It’s a good idea to buy a great bike rather than a bus ticket. Even if the latter costs candy, the bike meanwhile represents a favorable investment in the long term. Since for public transport, a 20 km trip costs 1.60 euros.

So, if a person covers a distance of around 30 km per day, their bus ticket costs at least 2 euros per day. So in one week, an active person spends more than 10 euros as transport costs. In one month, she pays around forty euros and in one year, the figure rises to more than 400 euros. And with the number of dependent children, this amount will be tripled or quadrupled. We therefore deduce that the bus costs 1600 euros for a family of four toddlers. While an electric cargo bike is worth 3,500 euros on average, however, ten years of life can be expected on its meter. This is why it is said that the bicycle is more profitable than public transport.

Family cycling is practiced on electric cargo models. These are bicycles or tricycles optimized to support a heavy load. In general, a standard model is designed with reinforced aluminum rods, it supports a weight of about 150 kg.

The most suitable model for family transport is recognized by its elongated rear seat. This kind of bike is designed to accommodate three to four small children in the rear chair. Their safety is paramount with this type of device, so that no passenger is thrown from it.

This is why some cargo bikes are fitted with a mini passenger kit made up of one or more small armchairs. The back of the latter and the small seat belt are often present. There is also a luggage kit developed to contain around ten kilograms of equipment.

Even more astonishing, this machine is more complex than it seems. It is very different from a standard model or a simple cargo bike. It houses an electric motor on board, hence its name “electric cargo bike“. Electric assistance is then available to the driver. It’s a real pleasure to be on the handlebars since the effort required is less, the engine makes the bike roll, making pedaling easier. And when we talk about the engine, the battery always comes with it. Indeed, there are often on this kind of bike batteries of 500 W or 1000 W comparable to those present on cars.

Added to this are the rather complex speed transmissions and the hydraulic brakes. Regarding the price of an electric cargo ship, it is estimated between 3,500 to 5,000 euros. It varies according to the models of course. The more complex its system, the more its price approaches the ceiling. Here you have a list of the best offers.

More than useful

The other so-called cargo bike models do not have an engine. They are also popular with many people. Newspaper collectors such as plumbers and other artisans who need a large luggage location are very interested. They use them to carry out their comings and goings in the city centers. Moreover, for this kind of bike, the luggage rack is essential and completely excludes the chair intended for passengers.

Riding an almost daily bicycle is essential for some families. Apart from saving time, this activity welds the links between parents and children. Relational health in such an environment is therefore very likely to be treated. Since spending more time together on the same freighter encourages discussion, then come the tender words and then the words of love.

Living and feeling the same sensations along the rides with mom or dad on the handlebars is exciting for our children. Obviously, the joy of little angels comes largely from the company of their parents. Likewise, the happiness of parents is none other than the development of their descendants.

Tefal Smokeless Indoor Grill

Tefal Smokeless Indoor Grill

Tefal Smokeless Indoor Grill

The barbecue season is in full swing! But what if you don’t have a garden or when the weather isn’t nice? Today, I’m giving you a quick review of Tefal’s new Smokeless Indoor Grill, Tefal’s new indoor grill (and if you read all the way, a little surprise awaits you!).

Who has never tried to grill indoors and finished with the house all smoky? It is to this kind of concern that Tefal wanted to respond by developing its new Smokeless Indoor Grill, an innovative and easy-to-use table grill that allows grilling all year round at home, indoors and almost smoke-free.

I’m not going to explain to you how a grill works, I think everyone has already used it … So the central question is here: does this grill really make no smoke? Well after having tested it with several types of cooking and food, I must say that the smoke is indeed quite limited, and in any case less strong than with the grill that I used before. In reality, the “Smoke Shield Technology” developed by Tefal allows up to 70% less smoke (test compared to the Tefal TG80 grill), and less odors (I also confirm). So it works pretty well!

Also very practical, the two independent heating zones which allow cooking on each side of the grill at different temperatures (thermostat adjustable on each side). We can therefore cook meats (and substitutes), fish, vegetables, etc. at the same time. They are not the first to do this, but I always find it very nifty. It’s really useful to better manage cooking.

The grill also cooks fairly quickly (powerful 2000 W), so you can sear the food well (as on a plancha).

Last but not least: cleaning chore is very limited. All the dirty parts (the two plates and the juice pan) are removable and can therefore be easily cleaned.

For me, the only small negative point of this grill is the distance between the grids (we easily drop small pieces in the juice tray). And you can’t really remove the juice container during cooking because it will stain the support on which the grill is placed. But apart from that, it’s a very good product, solid and which I think will last.

On the occasion of the Belgian National Day, the 7 years of my blog and the return of the heat wave (all that!), I propose to you, in partnership with Tefal, to win 1x the new Smokeless Indoor Grill of Tefal of a $ 149.99 value
Go to my Instagram account to participate! Good luck to everyone !


Everyone is hesitant to try it for fear of falling, but rest assured, a hoverboard is made for everyone, it’s only a hand to take. Once you master it, there is nothing you can do without it!

Hoverboard, a helping hand

A hoverboard, also called a smartboard, is a kind of electric skateboard on which the user will be able to move, once mounted on it, leaning in different directions such as forward to move forward. So, you just have to place your feet on the platform and then steer this skateboard by simple weight transfer by leaning forward, then left or right to turn and finally lean slightly back to stop the device progress. LEDs will also indicate the direction you are taking like the turn signals present in a car. This new high-tech gadget will allow you, after a quick grip (or taken on foot rather), to make trips without effort.

That said, the platform on which you will be standing is at a height of 15 cm, so we advise you to equip yourself with suitable protection such as a helmet and wrist protectors to train. But more than just a new mode of travel, it is also a real fashion accessory adopted by many celebrities on the other side of the Atlantic. It is eco-friendly: it charges 2 to 3 hours for a range of around 25km (depending on the model), this electric skateboard is therefore ideal for going to work or for making short daily trips.

Instructions for use

Step 1

For the practical side, we explain how to learn to use a hoverboard and stand on the platform. We recommend that during the first minutes of use ask someone to stand behind you to prevent a fall and be able to anticipate any tilting forward. Then you just have to get on the skateboard one foot after the other quickly and stand as straight as possible, as below:


Step 2

Once in place on the mini skateboard, you just have to lean gently forward to move forward and just as delicately backward to move back:


This exercise is educational to learn to move forward and backward easily with the electric skateboard and succeed in finding the balance necessary for its conduct. You can request to be included in your various tests so you can apply this way of moving.

Step 3

Then to turn right, just push lightly on the right leg (weight transfer) and the mini skate will head to the right. The same thing on the left leg, in order to turn left. If this pressure is maintained on the right leg or the left leg, the mini skateboard will then enter clockwise rotation (clockwise – right leg) or counterclockwise (anticlockwise – left leg) and that on the spot. It will take you a few minutes to master this hoverboard perfectly and successfully find the perfect balance for its driving.

Attention: You must stay as straight as possible and succeed in balancing your weight on the platforms equally on both sides of the skateboard. If it is tilted too far to one side, the hoverboard may stop suddenly because the weight will not be distributed ideally (the sensor will understand that someone is leaving the skateboard and so it will stop):


Very simple to use, easy to carry everywhere thanks to its supplied bag, the hoverboard is for everyone, adolescents and adults, wishing to learn this new way of moving effortlessly.



The function “diffusion of heat” puts you immediately in conditions by giving you a pleasant sensation and relaxing your muscles. A bit like the application of a vegetable oil during a manual massage.

The “vibration” function offers a light massage, which stimulates the blood circulation to relax and restore energy. The vibrations are particularly pleasant to massage the glutes after a long day spent on his office chair.

Some devices (called shiatsu ) are able to reproduce classic massage gestures such as kneading, effleurage (or rolling), pressure and percussion.

You should be able to use these different functions in the order you prefer, or simultaneously, adjust the intensity of the massage, choose to massage the whole body or a fixed area.


To have the guarantee of an effective massage, choose your seat according to your needs, and the use that you intend to make of it.

Depending on the types of tension , the functions to be preferred or sacrificed are not the same. Thus, for a relaxation massage, the entry-level models can suffice, thanks to the diffusion of heat and vibrations. But if you are looking to relieve tension points and contracted muscles , then you will have to opt for a more sophisticated model, capable of deep massage. For that, choose a seat with more functions: bearing, circular movements that mimic the kneading, pressures.

Your morphology also comes into play : the pressure exerted by the wheelchair can be too strong for the elderly or the children, and conversely, too light for the corpulent people. You will need to choose a device whose intensity is adjustable, especially if it benefits multiple users. If you use your real relax massage chair for short periods, you do not need to invest in luxury models.

Finally, ask yourself which areas you want to massage: all the seats do not reach the neck, for example. If you suffer from lumbar or shoulder injuries, you will need a T-shaped seat so that the massage mechanisms can relieve you.


This may seem secondary, but the quality of the coating determines the life and comfort of a massage chair. The velvet is particularly resistant and rather pleasant. While synthetic coatings are sometimes a little rough. Choose preferably a removable and machine washable cover.


All brands are not equal: European manufacturers are subject to stricter quality standards, and those who have specialized for many years in the well-being and medical, such as Beurer, Homedics or Scholl are among the more reliable . In addition, products made in Asia are subject to import taxes that increase their starting price.


The entry-level massage seats cost at least 100 euros , and luxury models can reach 400 euros . Whatever the price range of the seat you choose, check that it is guaranteed, at least a year.


This gives you an indication of its life, because no manufacturer wants to see a product return the time of this warranty. Beyond the warranty, the life of a massage chair depends largely on its frequency of use , and where it is stored: it is better to avoid damp places.


Shiatsu massage seats are therefore the only ones capable of massaging “in three dimensions”. Their massage mechanisms support your back to relieve it , as would a deep massage. When using for the first time, use the lowest intensity setting to familiarize yourself with the device.If you find the pressures too strong, add a cushion to mitigate them.

Gradually, an addictive effect will make you feel more comfortable. And if you like vigorous massages, the “percussion” function will fill you.


Install so that your back is straight against the seat , so that the entire back can be covered by the unit. A bad position could have disastrous consequences for your back: early back problems, disorders of the digestive and respiratory organs, respiratory disorders …

Once the device is running, you operate the various mechanisms using a remote control, which can be wired or wireless. The whole thing is to choose a model whose remote control is easy to use , with easy to distinguish keys, even with closed eyes.

Because of the risk of falling asleep, and because these devices offer fairly vigorous massage, they stop automatically after 15 minutes. You may want to have a second session in the process, but it is better to resist the temptation, especially if you are massaged daily. You have reached the maximum usage frequency.