Close-up of the motorhome bike carrier

Close-up of the motorhome bike carrier

motorhome bike carrier

The benefits of cycling are not lacking. For cycling enthusiasts, it is always a pleasure to discover new landscapes while having fun. Better still, this type of activity is a physical activity par excellence. Even more, a two-wheeler is a very environmentally friendly means of transport. It remains necessary to find an adequate means to transport it on vacation. This is the whole point of a motorhome bike carrier. More information on this device in the following article!

What about a motorhome bike carrier?

With all the accessories to take with you on vacation or on any trip, it’s a safe bet that there aren’t enough places for bikes. Especially since the latter very often require space.

On the other hand, nobody wants to convert their motorhome into a garage. Fortunately, with a motorhome bike carrier, this problem is solved. This is equipment made of metal, stainless steel or aluminum to transport bikes from one place to another. This equipment is able to accommodate up to four bikes.

The motorhome bike carriers are available in several models on the market. Generally speaking, they can be classified into two main groups. Firstly, the motorhome bike carrier on a hitch which is very ideal if the vehicle is fitted with a hitch ball. In this case, users can choose between the fixed version or the tilting version so that they can continue to have access to the safe.

Second, the motorhome bike carrier on the rear wall is the model that attaches to the rear axle of the car, that is, to the window. Bicycles will be secured with straps. It is also possible to use a conventional bicycle carrier on the tailgate for bicycle transport on the motorhome.

The accessories needed for the motorhome bike carrier

When it comes to transporting bikes on a motorhome, certain accessories are essential. At first, the motorhome bike carriers are likely to hide the vehicle’s traffic signs.

So you have to use other ones. In a second step, to guarantee the safety of two-wheelers, it is better to acquire additional fixing straps (for the wheels) and support arms (for the frames). In addition, in order to protect the bikes from the weather, users must buy a special cover that fully matches the size of the bike rack.

The instructions to follow with a motorhome bike carrier

Since the motorhome bike carrier adds extra load to the car, there are a few safety guidelines to keep in mind to ensure a quiet trip. Firstly concerning the installation of the system, it is recommended to read carefully the instructions provided by the manufacturer. The maximum weight indicated and the number of transportable bikes must be observed.

Before departure, you must ensure that the device is properly fixed in the rules of the art. In any case, regular checks are necessary along the way. This monitoring aims in particular to check the tension of the straps and also the good performance of the installation. Also, pay attention to any unusual noise and stop if necessary. Finally, the installation of an anti-theft cable is of the utmost importance.

Where to buy a motorhome bike rack?

Many shops are currently selling best hitch bike cracks of different models. However, to put the odds on its side, it is necessary to bet on the most recognized brands. In this specific case, investors can go directly to their online sales sites.

They have a wide range of options available to them to make the best decision based on their needs and budgets. By paying attention to comments from other users, the acquisition of a product that fully meets their expectations is guaranteed. But, it is also possible to make your purchase on other renowned online sales sites or also on specialized physical stores.

Family cycling

Family cycling – a solution for those who have no time to waste!

Tired of wasting time in traffic, many people trust their two-wheelers to get around. We meet more and more along the circuits of cyclists, but also of courageous parents who pedal in the presence of their young on the back seat.

Do not waste time

More and more parents are finding traveling on a cargo bike more beneficial than hanging out on public transport. The time saving is significant, since the road bike takes about 20 minutes for an average distance of 20 km. It’s slower than driving, but for lack of frequent traffic jams on the round trips that separate the foyer from the school or the workplace, they believe that the bicycle takes over on the coaches.

For those involved, it has become a way of life apart. That’s why they move with the pedal all year round in spring and winter. And the most astonishing is that this little world rediscovers the joy of living to ride like this.

Dealing with successive seasons and seasons requires good mental and material preparation. Moms have every interest in cheering up children in the event of dissatisfaction if they do not want the journey to turn into hell. The rest becomes more complicated during the cold seasons for these families.

In bad weather and with the arrival of snow, the journey becomes more complicated. Since the course slides and in order to overcome this obstacle, the studded tires will have to be reassembled. As for the lingering cold, the family opted for the penguin mode. That is to say, dress from head to toe in several layers of clothing until you look like penguins. Only stormy showers are an obstacle to family cycling. Pedaling is therefore impossible when the precipitation is at its peak.

Invest in a bike

It’s a good idea to buy a great bike rather than a bus ticket. Even if the latter costs candy, the bike meanwhile represents a favorable investment in the long term. Since for public transport, a 20 km trip costs 1.60 euros.

So, if a person covers a distance of around 30 km per day, their bus ticket costs at least 2 euros per day. So in one week, an active person spends more than 10 euros as transport costs. In one month, she pays around forty euros and in one year, the figure rises to more than 400 euros. And with the number of dependent children, this amount will be tripled or quadrupled. We therefore deduce that the bus costs 1600 euros for a family of four toddlers. While an electric cargo bike is worth 3,500 euros on average, however, ten years of life can be expected on its meter. This is why it is said that the bicycle is more profitable than public transport.

Family cycling is practiced on electric cargo models. These are bicycles or tricycles optimized to support a heavy load. In general, a standard model is designed with reinforced aluminum rods, it supports a weight of about 150 kg.

The most suitable model for family transport is recognized by its elongated rear seat. This kind of bike is designed to accommodate three to four small children in the rear chair. Their safety is paramount with this type of device, so that no passenger is thrown from it.

This is why some cargo bikes are fitted with a mini passenger kit made up of one or more small armchairs. The back of the latter and the small seat belt are often present. There is also a luggage kit developed to contain around ten kilograms of equipment.

Even more astonishing, this machine is more complex than it seems. It is very different from a standard model or a simple cargo bike. It houses an electric motor on board, hence its name “electric cargo bike“. Electric assistance is then available to the driver. It’s a real pleasure to be on the handlebars since the effort required is less, the engine makes the bike roll, making pedaling easier. And when we talk about the engine, the battery always comes with it. Indeed, there are often on this kind of bike batteries of 500 W or 1000 W comparable to those present on cars.

Added to this are the rather complex speed transmissions and the hydraulic brakes. Regarding the price of an electric cargo ship, it is estimated between 3,500 to 5,000 euros. It varies according to the models of course. The more complex its system, the more its price approaches the ceiling. Here you have a list of the best offers.

More than useful

The other so-called cargo bike models do not have an engine. They are also popular with many people. Newspaper collectors such as plumbers and other artisans who need a large luggage location are very interested. They use them to carry out their comings and goings in the city centers. Moreover, for this kind of bike, the luggage rack is essential and completely excludes the chair intended for passengers.

Riding an almost daily bicycle is essential for some families. Apart from saving time, this activity welds the links between parents and children. Relational health in such an environment is therefore very likely to be treated. Since spending more time together on the same freighter encourages discussion, then come the tender words and then the words of love.

Living and feeling the same sensations along the rides with mom or dad on the handlebars is exciting for our children. Obviously, the joy of little angels comes largely from the company of their parents. Likewise, the happiness of parents is none other than the development of their descendants.