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Everyone is hesitant to try it for fear of falling, but rest assured, a hoverboard is made for everyone, it’s only a hand to take. Once you master it, there is nothing you can do without it!

Hoverboard, a helping hand

A hoverboard, also called a smartboard, is a kind of electric skateboard on which the user will be able to move, once mounted on it, leaning in different directions such as forward to move forward. So, you just have to place your feet on the platform and then steer this skateboard by simple weight transfer by leaning forward, then left or right to turn and finally lean slightly back to stop the device progress. LEDs will also indicate the direction you are taking like the turn signals present in a car. This new high-tech gadget will allow you, after a quick grip (or taken on foot rather), to make trips without effort.

That said, the platform on which you will be standing is at a height of 15 cm, so we advise you to equip yourself with suitable protection such as a helmet and wrist protectors to train. But more than just a new mode of travel, it is also a real fashion accessory adopted by many celebrities on the other side of the Atlantic. It is eco-friendly: it charges 2 to 3 hours for a range of around 25km (depending on the model), this electric skateboard is therefore ideal for going to work or for making short daily trips.

Instructions for use

Step 1

For the practical side, we explain how to learn to use a hoverboard and stand on the platform. We recommend that during the first minutes of use ask someone to stand behind you to prevent a fall and be able to anticipate any tilting forward. Then you just have to get on the skateboard one foot after the other quickly and stand as straight as possible, as below:


Step 2

Once in place on the mini skateboard, you just have to lean gently forward to move forward and just as delicately backward to move back:


This exercise is educational to learn to move forward and backward easily with the electric skateboard and succeed in finding the balance necessary for its conduct. You can request to be included in your various tests so you can apply this way of moving.

Step 3

Then to turn right, just push lightly on the right leg (weight transfer) and the mini skate will head to the right. The same thing on the left leg, in order to turn left. If this pressure is maintained on the right leg or the left leg, the mini skateboard will then enter clockwise rotation (clockwise – right leg) or counterclockwise (anticlockwise – left leg) and that on the spot. It will take you a few minutes to master this hoverboard perfectly and successfully find the perfect balance for its driving.

Attention: You must stay as straight as possible and succeed in balancing your weight on the platforms equally on both sides of the skateboard. If it is tilted too far to one side, the hoverboard may stop suddenly because the weight will not be distributed ideally (the sensor will understand that someone is leaving the skateboard and so it will stop):


Very simple to use, easy to carry everywhere thanks to its supplied bag, the hoverboard is for everyone, adolescents and adults, wishing to learn this new way of moving effortlessly.

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