Tefal Smokeless Indoor Grill

Tefal Smokeless Indoor Grill

Tefal Smokeless Indoor Grill

Tefal Smokeless Indoor Grill

The barbecue season is in full swing! But what if you don’t have a garden or when the weather isn’t nice? Today, I’m giving you a quick review of Tefal’s new Smokeless Indoor Grill, Tefal’s new indoor grill (and if you read all the way, a little surprise awaits you!).

Who has never tried to grill indoors and finished with the house all smoky? It is to this kind of concern that Tefal wanted to respond by developing its new Smokeless Indoor Grill, an innovative and easy-to-use table grill that allows grilling all year round at home, indoors and almost smoke-free.

I’m not going to explain to you how a grill works, I think everyone has already used it … So the central question is here: does this grill really make no smoke? Well after having tested it with several types of cooking and food, I must say that the smoke is indeed quite limited, and in any case less strong than with the grill that I used before. In reality, the “Smoke Shield Technology” developed by Tefal allows up to 70% less smoke (test compared to the Tefal TG80 grill), and less odors (I also confirm). So it works pretty well!

Also very practical, the two independent heating zones which allow cooking on each side of the grill at different temperatures (thermostat adjustable on each side). We can therefore cook meats (and substitutes), fish, vegetables, etc. at the same time. They are not the first to do this, but I always find it very nifty. It’s really useful to better manage cooking.

The grill also cooks fairly quickly (powerful 2000 W), so you can sear the food well (as on a plancha).

Last but not least: cleaning chore is very limited. All the dirty parts (the two plates and the juice pan) are removable and can therefore be easily cleaned.

For me, the only small negative point of this grill is the distance between the grids (we easily drop small pieces in the juice tray). And you can’t really remove the juice container during cooking because it will stain the support on which the grill is placed. But apart from that, it’s a very good product, solid and which I think will last.

On the occasion of the Belgian National Day, the 7 years of my blog and the return of the heat wave (all that!), I propose to you, in partnership with Tefal, to win 1x the new Smokeless Indoor Grill of Tefal of a $ 149.99 value
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